Your partner for a modern learning environment

For your seminar, your training or your conference – the Forum Fahrenbach is a real special address!
By our picturesque standalone location sufficient opportunities for outdoor activities are created and you and your participants have space for body, mind and soul.

For your international participants: Our staff speaks English and we gladly provide our menus in English.

Abundance of space and light for body, mind and soul

 4 spacious and light-flooded rooms with a surface area of between 40 and 150 sqm
All rooms are equipped with modern conference technology and WLAN.

Special events can be organised according to your individual requests.

Exercise and oxygen supports mental and physical performance

Therefore you can engage in some activities in the meantime (or as incentives):

• Play golf!
• Go for a walk in the nearby forest!
• Test our active exercises during the break!
• Test strokes at our golf indoor simulator!
• Take advantage of numerous further possibilities for activities!

Systematically support learning and concentrating capacity with a healthy diet

With our vital breakfast you have a good start to the day with an open mind and a fit body.

A light and complete lunch provides you with new energy for the second half of the day and during the balanced dinner you can let the day fade away.